MA Engineering  is one of the main solution providers within CNS/ATM and Airport Electronics Systems Sector in Turkey since 2007.

We are specializing in the project management, customs processes, logistic, site survey, integration, installation, training, commissioning  and through life support of air traffic systems including Air NAVAID (ILS, DME, DVOR, TACAN), and traffic control and safety systems (VDGS, VCS, FOD, ANMS, and BirdRadar).

 "Our core mission is to supply the needs of the regional sector by our local expertise and partner’s global expertise."

MA Engineering has extensive experience in the integration and installation of ILS/DME (24 projects), NDB (23 projects), DVOR (14 projects), VDGS (1 project), ANMS (4 project), Bird Detection System (1 project) in Turkey for last 11 years. Please visit for our Reference works. 

We support our global partners in project management including

  • tender proposal
  • tender preparation including all paper works
  • representing our partners as a local agent in tenders
  • customs process, shipments and local arrangements
  • arranging all necessary meetings and training schedule with clients
  • providing all necessary local supply equipment
  • local technical works including installation, cabling and civil works
  • managing all red tape  between our global partner and local clients from the acceptance until  the warranty expiration, and the later
  • point of contact and local support for onsite technical issues after system  commissioning
  • updating for future business opportunities

We are teamed up with experienced staffs having all qualifications for the above tasks to run dedicated projects.

MA Engineering is preferred as a local partner in Turkey by global manufacturers because of our reliability, capability, and high quality service and bringing up to best local knowledge to succeed in targeted projects.

For our project management work flow, please visit.