The below work flow is also applied to direct procurements.

MA Engineering Both Partner
Following tender announcements by customers    
Receiving technical specs for the tender    
Consulting for the partner about the procurement, tender and the customer    
    Assessment to comply with the technical specs
  Agreement for the project  
Site inspection/survey if necessary    
Defining the roles of the project team    
Defining deadlines and keystones for the project    
Preparation of tender mandatory documents    
    Providing technical and other necessary document
  Preparing the price of the bid  
Reviewing and assessment of the project    
  Authorized signatures  
Submission of the bid to the customer    
The customs processes for import   The customs processes for export
Providing local Logistics    
Arranging all necessary meetings and training schedule with the customer    
Giving training if our technical team is expert for the system   Giving training if local team is not expert for the system
Providing all necessary local supply equipment    
Local technical works including integration, installation, cabling and civil works   On-Site technical support for integration and setup if necessary
  Test for the acceptance  
  System commissioning  
Managing all bureaucracy processes including payments between the partner and the customer from the acceptance until the warranty expiration, and the later    
Point of contact and local support for on-site technical issues   Providing technical support for our technical team when necessary